“The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe has closed the lake to fishing and other recreational activities for public safety and concern. While State Route 446 is closed for several months for repair, beach access roads are also closed to allow for repair due to washouts. 

Because of fire damage caused by 2016’s Tule Fire, beach roads have been considered dangerous to use, and it is for the public safety that this is necessary. We are remaining optimistic for a sooner date for re-opening, but there are absolutely no guarantees that this will happen. 

A big Thank You! to those crews performing ’round the clock repairs to our roads. Thank you, to the public, for your respect and understanding during this difficult time.”

LAKE CLOSUREALSO, FEBRUARY 2, 2017: The tribe issued a press release stating fishing licenses will not be refunded or prorated. Sales are final.

Road crews are working hard to repair damage, and FEMA has been out to assess lake and road conditions with the Tribe. We understand many repairs and the funding to do so are much needed. The Pyramid Lake Guides team also lives on Tribal land in Sutcliffe on the lake- so we have seen the damage to areas. We were fortunate enough to fish the lake after the flooding the day before the closure.

Jan. 9, 2017- after flooding, before closure.
Jan. 9, 2017- after flooding, before closure.

Thankfully some beaches remain unharmed, most homes were unharmed (a few had some basement flooding), and the road to Reno has remained in tact so we can get supplies from town. The road to Nixon/Tribal Office on State Route 446 is still in bad shape but pilot cars are able to drive Tribal members and school buses through as needed. In Sutcliffe we were without water for a week or so and have been told a temporary fix has been put into place but that a longer term solution will need to be implemented.

Jan. 9, 2017-- after flooding before lake closure.
Jan. 9, 2017– after flooding before lake closure.

In the meantime these massive lahontan cuttys will get big and strong and will be free from distraction during pre-spawn. We anticipate the fishing to be epic the 2017-2018 season! Can’t wait…!



  1. We appreciate the serious situation at the Lake due to excessive runoff. However, if the repairs can be completed sufficient to open the Lake to fishing by March 1 it will be greatly appreciated. We have 28 avid anglers planning a trip to fish the lake March 6-10. We are traveling from Arizona for our third visit the last three years. Airline reservations, non-cancellable, are made. This is one of the most popular fishing adventures our fishing club makes each year. We hope things work out to make the trip.

  2. We would appreciate re-opening too Al. Many people were affected by closure- trust us we understand- as guides on the lake full time we make almost all of our guide season income in Feb. and March- so we too want anglers to be able to fulfill their travel reservations. We are not part of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe- the stewards of the lake- they make all the decisions and their main concern has been safety of those visiting the lake. Many of the roads were washed out, some as big as 50 foot gorges right in the middle of the highway. NDOT has been working diligently to make road repairs and there is significant progress. The estimated damage cost is about $11 million. There has been a recent update from the Tribe stating a possible partial opening of certain beaches around the beginning of the month- keep your fingers crossed, and we hope you guys have a great trip!

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