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It’s October 1, 2017 and that means the Pyramid Lake fishing season is now open! The water temps are cooling off around 65 degrees, and the lake is turning over with moss and algae. Once that green clears out the shore fishing should be phenomenal! The bait balls are dissipating but can still be found. The shores are crowded with anglers anxious to get out on the alkaline lake.

Be sure to read Tribal regulations before heading out to chase those massive Lahontan cutties. Be respectful, crimp your barbs, park at least 100 feet from shore, use only artificial flies and lures, know your keep limits, clean up after yourselves, and stay warm!

Winter is here


If you’re looking to fish for just an hour or two try heading out between 3:30-5:00pm ish. The afternoon bite is typically productive! We landed both Summit Lake and Pilot Peak strains of Lahontan Cutthroats two consecutive days in a row; using white and chartreuse tadpoles and Doug’s Original Popcorn Beetle.

NOV 2016

Summit Lake Cutthroat
Summit Lake Cutthroat