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More mild weather and good fishing! January is one of the most underrated months to fish Pyramid. The water temps can make the fishing inconsistent, but this year has been good so far, we even landed another 20 lber! Get out there ~

Bruce, age 77


We’ve had some nice weather almost in the 60s out at Pyramid lately, which means the fishing has been a little slow but maintains quality over quantity! Any cast can result in a big fish, but you have to put in the time….





“The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe has closed the lake to fishing and other recreational activities for public safety and concern. While State Route 446 is closed for several months for repair, beach access roads are also closed to allow for repair due to washouts. 

Because of fire damage caused by 2016’s Tule Fire, beach roads have been considered dangerous to use, and it is for the public safety that this is necessary. We are remaining optimistic for a sooner date for re-opening, but there are absolutely no guarantees that this will happen. 

A big Thank You! to those crews performing ’round the clock repairs to our roads. Thank you, to the public, for your respect and understanding during this difficult time.”

LAKE CLOSUREALSO, FEBRUARY 2, 2017: The tribe issued a press release stating fishing licenses will not be refunded or prorated. Sales are final.

Road crews are working hard to repair damage, and FEMA has been out to assess lake and road conditions with the Tribe. We understand many repairs and the funding to do so are much needed. The Pyramid Lake Guides team also lives on Tribal land in Sutcliffe on the lake- so we have seen the damage to areas. We were fortunate enough to fish the lake after the flooding the day before the closure.

Jan. 9, 2017- after flooding, before closure.
Jan. 9, 2017- after flooding, before closure.

Thankfully some beaches remain unharmed, most homes were unharmed (a few had some basement flooding), and the road to Reno has remained in tact so we can get supplies from town. The road to Nixon/Tribal Office on State Route 446 is still in bad shape but pilot cars are able to drive Tribal members and school buses through as needed. In Sutcliffe we were without water for a week or so and have been told a temporary fix has been put into place but that a longer term solution will need to be implemented.

Jan. 9, 2017-- after flooding before lake closure.
Jan. 9, 2017– after flooding before lake closure.

In the meantime these massive lahontan cuttys will get big and strong and will be free from distraction during pre-spawn. We anticipate the fishing to be epic the 2017-2018 season! Can’t wait…!



As we prepare for the upcoming season opener on Oct. 1, 2016 on Pyramid Lake, NV please make sure you are following regulations. Read below to keep up on the rules from http://www.pyramidlake.us/pyramid-lake-fishing.html

For great fishing tips and about the Pyramid Lake Fisheries program
please visit: 

Welcome to Pyramid Lake, a world class fishery, the site of the world record Lohanton Cutthroat Trout (41 pounds) and the only place in the world where the ancient Cui-ui fish can be found. If you have never fished here before, you are in for a visual treat and some exceptional fishing fun.

Here is some basic information regarding fishing at Pyramid Lake:
1. You do not need a State of Nevada Fishing License, just a Tribal Fishing and/or Boating Permit.
  Boats are required to have current registration from their respective state.
2. Barb less hooks only. We are concerned only with what hooks you have in the water, not your tackle box. You   can have 2 singles, 2 doubles or 2 treble hooks per lure
3. No Bait. No worms, eggs, scent, Power bait or like products, or any organic matter on your hooks
4. Slot sizes. Keepers are 17 to 20 inches or over 24 inches. All other sizes must be returned to the water.
  You may keep 2 of the smaller sizes or 1 small and 1 large. 
5. One stringer per fisherman, no sharing of stringers. 
6. Do not fillet the fish on the Reservation. Rangers need to verify proper size
7. You can fish 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset
8. Highly recommend boaters have a marine band radio on board. The Ranger Station monitors Channel 16.
  Coast Guard considers marine band radios as essential part of your boat safety equipment
9. No fishing off the docks. Fishermen fishing off the docks present a safety hazard to boats launching
  and docking, and to the fisherman. 
10. Closed areas to fishing and boating:
      A. 1,000 foot radius around mouth of Marble Bluff Fish Way
      B. 1,000 foot radius around Sutcliffe Fishery spawning channel
      C. 1,000 foot from shoreline of Needles from Wizard Cove to Fox Bay
      D. The Truckee River and Delta
      E. Boats need to stay 250 feet from shoreline fishermen
11. Lahanton Trout Season runs from October 1 thru June 30. Sacramento Perch is open all year round
  and presently you can catch and keep 10 perch per day. Same regulations apply tackle and no
  bait for the perch
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitor Center Photo 2
The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribes wants you to have an enjoyable, safe fishing and boating experience. Our Rangers and support staff are happy to answer or clarify any questions you may have about our Regulations. For additional fishing information or questions concerning the regulations please contact the Rangers at 775-476-1155 or plrangers@plpt.nsn.us.”

Have fun out there and stay safe hunting for that 20 pounda!


Clean up crews and volunteers have been working to clean up debris left in the aftermath of the Tule Fire surrounding the small community of Sutcliffe, NV at Pyramid Lake. The Tribe worked with first responders to evacuate the town and get the wild fire contained. A few small structures were destroyed, and an elderly couple had to be rescued, but overall no one was harmed and the blaze is now 100% contained.

The community is now gearing up for Burning Man coming in late August, as well as the opening day of fishing season Oct. 1. En route to Burning Man thousands of visitors pass through Pyramid Lake’s small town of Nixon, Nevada. Convenience store workers stay busy around the clock 24 hours a day to ring up the eccentric guests coming from around the world headed to the desert festival.

We’re certain the non-stop week long party is a great time, but we will have to take your word for it! We are saving our energy for the upcoming Lahontan Cutthroat Trout season opener- starting Oct. 1, 2016. Get your lines ready- we can’t wait for the hunt for the World’s Largest Cutthroat Trout to begin once again. See you soon!


Les and Ben from Ogden, UT landed around 50 fish during their two guided days on Pyramid Lake, NV. The first day started off with a slow morning but ended up as a killer afternoon- Les landed this awesome 14 pounder just after lunch- it was his first fish on Pyramid.

Les 14 pounda

Les and Nick

We had a consistent bite the following day with a dozen fish each. Unlike the day before, we got ours on the strip with woolyworms and popcorn beetles (the day prior indicator fishing with midges was the preferred technique). It was a pleasure guiding this two from our home state of Utah- we hope to see them again out at the Mid!

Ben Bauter



These four great guys did an awesome job at Pyramid Lake Guides’ clinic yesterday. The group had wanted detailed instruction on casting technique and a break down of rigs, flies, wind, etc.- Licensed Guide Nick Jackson gave them just what they ordered. Part of the group, two twin brothers, had met Nick in Reno and started their planning from a conversation about fishing gear at Sportsmen’s Warehouse. They were hesitant to go out on Tuesday because of some incoming wind- with some encouragement they made the trek over from Susanville Tuesday morning. Man did they make the right choice! -the fishing was MUCH slower today. These guys absolutely reeled it in on Tuesday with 41 fish to the net, and a few missed! Doug Ouellette’s Original Popcorn Beetle was the fly of choice. Great job guys!

Mike Jablonski


Check out Pyramid Lake Guides own Nick Jackson with host Jim Litchfield for the latest edition of the Reno Fly Shop Podcast. Nick and Jim discuss flies, gear, and techniques effective for landing the big one on Pyramid. Catch the end for upcoming clinic dates hosted by Nick– great way to learn to fish Pyramid on a budget! Click here for the Podcast, or use the link below.


15 lbs. on Popcorn Beetle

Bo Johnson of Salt Lake City, UT landed this nice 15 lb. fish just off of North Nets, Pyramid Lake, NV. It bit on Doug Ouellette’s Original Popcorn Beetle, with a Cheeky Reel. They waded out a few feet off of shore around 2 pm and by sundown had this fish on the line. The bite seems to really spark up right around dusk. Try this popcorn beetle, or a balanced leech.  bo

Bo Johnson, Nov, 25, 2015, Guide: Nick Jackson