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This past weekend was a beautiful calm one on Pyramid Lake, NV. The fish tend to be MIA during such pleasant conditions- but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all productive. The beaches are crowded with campers, ladders, and fishermen right now but you can still squeeze in a spot if you get out early enough. Some large fish in double digits were reported. Our clients landed several nice fish Saturday, and we had a great day fishing with friend and client John Cancilla, and guide Doug Ouellette on Sunday. Later in the day Julianne busted out the jig rig and nailed 3 fish in a row cast for cast. Nick mimicked her technique on a floater-no-cator rig popping the midge and nailed a nice Pilot Peak to end the day.

John Cancilla

Juli jig

Juli Nymph rig


We had the pleasure of providing this great group with some instruction and fly fishing at our Clinic this Thursday on Pyramid Lake. Guides Doug Ouellette, Matt Gilligan, and Nick Jackson bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this unique fishery. Fun group of people- they were great learners and landed some great fish! Thanks to Wayne and the group for the photos and good company.

Clinic March 10, 2016

Clinic March 10, 2016

Clinic March 10, 2016

March Madness on Pyramid Lake, NV

The guys from Iowa landed near 30 fish this past Monday on Pyramid Lake. Some nice, colorful Pyramid Lake strains (aka Summit Lake strain), and a beautiful Pilot Peak were among the many fish landed. Nice job guys- toughing out the wind and cold! March is a GREAT time to fish Pyramid for the Lahontan Cutthroat- there are several reports of pod sightings right along the shoreline. Get out there!

Iowa guys
Iowa guys
Iowa guys, 30 fish landed
Iowa guys, 30 fish landed




Join us at the Sacramento International Sportsmen’s Expo with Doug Ouellette of Pyramid Lake Guide Service, Rick Mazaira of Yosemite Outfitters and Fenwick / Hardy Rep. , Guide Ernie Gulley of Lake Crowley, and artist Dave Bryeans of Wild Trout. Great show with lots of experienced pros! ISE


Guide Nick Jackson had the opportunity to mentor three young, ambitious anglers from California last Saturday on Pyramid Lake, NV. Between the three they caught over 15 fish on a 300 grain sink tip line with Doug’s Popcorn Beetle and a black boobie as flies.

Among the cutthroat caught were two Pilot Peak Strain and weighed in at just under 10 pounds.

Cheeky Reel



Happy New Year! As January brings in the cold weather also brings the colder water. Luckily the fish are still sticking around. There have been recent reports of 18-20 lb. fish being caught at South Nets and at Dago. Indicator fishing is the preferred method lately- try a balanced leech, snow cone, or Doug’s Popcorn Beetle.

34in, 18 lbs.



Colder water temps are bringing the fish into the shorelines! BIG fish are being landed! Try a snow cone, black or white bugger with Doug’s popcorn beetle, or a balanced black or white leech.

NOW BOOKING: Clinic on March 12, 2016. $150 per person, guide, ladders, flies, and BBQ lunch provided. Fills up fast- BOOK AHEAD at fishingwithnick@gmail.com or 435-901-1921


Photo: Needles- Pyramid Lake, Nick Jackson

Early Season Fishing Report

Guide Doug Ouellette of Pyramid Lake Guide Service reports some nice BIG fish during the first few days of the season. The fish are reported to be deep, so float tubes and heavy sinking line are helpful. Read more about Doug’s 20 pounders here. We’re looking forward to more monster Lahontans on Pyramid this winter season!

Pyramid Lake Season Starts Oct. 1, 2015

Looking forward to the upcoming season on Pyramid Lake! Utah Guide Nick Jackson will be taking his knowledge and fly fishing expertise up to the alkaline lake near Reno, NV this winter. Pyramid Lake is home to Summit Lake Cutthroat Trout and the more covetous Pilot Peak strain of Cutthroat- once known to grow up to 60 lbs. The strain was thought to have gone extinct after being over harvested in the early 1900’s, but a Utah biologist rediscovered the strain in a distant river and confirmed that the DNA matched the giant Lahontan strain from the ancient lake. Check out our contact page to book a trip this winter season- when the wind is blowing, the waves are rolling, and fishing is at it’s prime!

Cutthroat Pyramid Lake
Popcorn beetle