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Last week’s floods left the Sutcliffe community of Pyramid Lake with no running water for 7 days, and no sewer for 5 days; the power was also out at times. The main water source for the area broke in several areas and crews had limited access due to continued wet weather. Workers are now able to provide a temporary fix and residents do have running water- boil order is in effect and is not recommended to bathe, or clean clothes in the water until after at least Weds. Roads on both South and North ends of the lake are expected to take 4-6 weeks to repair. The lake is still closed to all fishing and boating activities- we are all hoping for an update from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe as soon as conditions are stable enough to reopen the lake. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the families being evacuated at Pyramid Lake due to a wild fire started by lightning. Pyramid Lake Guides functions out of Sutcliffe, NV during the winter fishing season, and out of Dutch John, UT under Dry Fly Utah during the summer fishing season. This week marks the renewal of our fishing guide’s licensing for Pyramid. Originally scheduled for this Friday’s Tribal meeting, our plans to visit our beloved Sutcliffe guiding location changed about two weeks ago due to the bookings in Utah so we didn’t make it out to the Reno area– and we consider ourselves blessed. The Tribe was kind enough to extend our renewal license via mail.


Our home location on Pyramid Lake was evacuated yesterday and has been out of power for two days, with three or more days likely due to power lines and poles being destroyed in the Tule Fire.┬áThankfully the winds have died down in the area immediately surrounding Sutcliffe so homes are not in imminent danger anymore, but northern areas are still at high risk. We are praying for the safety of the Capurro family and their ranch(es). Crosby Lodge is unharmed (thank the Lord!). Donations are being transported to locals for ice/water/diapers/food/and other necessities. Keep praying for the families of Pyramid Lake and for the Emergency Responders/Firefighters! Thank you to the volunteers and to the Tribe for updates, and for providing shelter to those in need at the Nixon Gym. Our prayers are with you! (The hills will look a bit bare when the season opens October 1- we don’t think the Lahontan Cutty will mind!)