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Water temps are consistently dropping, heading towards the coldest part of the season. The fishing is good for big fish, numbers are not typically high during December but when anglers do get one to the net it’s typically good quality by means of size. Indicator fishing has been more productive than stripping. It appears that the best time to fish right now is during the warmest of the day, noon to 3-ish.

Anglers Nick and Shawn landed some decent fish this week! As did Utah guide Wade Isaman. The weather is supposed to be mild for a few days, let’s hope for more storms soon!



Wade double


That time will soon be upon us to search for the elusive 20 pound Lahontan Cutthroat Trout! We’re looking forward to landing these massive cutties on the alkaline lake just north of Reno once again. Our premium custom made ladders are good to go, and the flies are being tied! We’re stocking up on large zebra midge patterns, balanced leeches, woolly buggers, boobies, and popcorn beetles. We were able to land 6 trout over 10 pounds in just 4 weeks last season before the lake closed due to road damage from flooding, and we expect this year to be just as epic. Once the lake re-opened in late February crowds were a bit thick, but the fishing was GOOD. We thank the Tribe for letting us enjoy this amazing fishery!

Contact us to book your guided trip on Pyramid Lake, Nevada– our days are filling up fast! Our outfitter is located right on the lake for your convenience. Lunch, ladders, and gear are always included. Check out our Guided Trips page for more info. or call 801-706-7836.


PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT! Please help us spread the word to everyone using Pyramid Lake, NV that the expectation is for visitors to pack out ANY trash that is accumulated during your stay at the lake. We would add that if you see trash left behind by others please pick it up. It is not the Tribe’s responsibility to clean up after others, and please understand that it is a constant battle to keep these beaches clean. It is our duty as visitors to practice respect and responsibility by cleaning up after ourselves, AND after others. It is a privilege to use this lake, not a right. Please help us show appreciation for being allowed to use this beautiful fishery by going the extra mile! Our mindset is to leave things better than we find them. Thank you to everyone who helps with efforts to keep the area clean so that we can continue to recreate here. And thank you to the Tribe for all you do!




As the fishing season winds down we would like to express our gratitude to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe for allowing us to enjoy this beautiful land, it’s people, and the amazing fishery this lake provides. We appreciate the opportunity to guide our wonderful clients in such a unique location. Thank you for a great season everyone! We will keep you all posted on updates and look forward to October 1! — Booking for next season at DRYFLYNICKJULI@GMAIL.COM




Local Tawni Capurro landed this beautiful chrome Pilot Peak last week- late in May on Pyramid Lake, Nevada. The warmer temps will drive the cutties into deeper water but have still been around as of yet. The fishing season ends June 30 so get out to the shore while you still can!

Tawni Chromer


John Cancilla landed this healthy Pyramid Lake strain cutty (aka Summit Lake strain) just before sundown tonight at the Nets on Pyramid. The winds were heading east away from shore and the weather had been calm so we expected the bite to be slow- but John landed this bad boy just 15 minutes in- we didn’t get out to the lake until about 6 and out on the water about 6:30pm.  John fished the Truckee river this morning with Guide Doug Ouellette and finished off the evening out at Pyramid with friends Jeff Eichelberger and Julianne Peterson. It was the only fish landed in the short two hour outing- with a few more bites missed by the crew. Overall it was successful day on the water! John



Last weekend brought 20″ of new snow to the Reno/Tahoe mountain areas, and  we all know what storms mean on Pyramid- great fishing! These guys from Utah and Mass killed it. The March spawn has fish coming close to shore, but with the unpredictable spring weather you never quite know what you are going to get from ladder/shore fishing. This group was already experienced in fly fishing so with just a few tips they were able to have an awesome day on the lake. For those less experienced, or even just unfamiliar with the unique fishery of Pyramid Lake, Guide Nick Jackson provides detailed clinics and guided trips to go over knots, flies, wind, gear, casting, fishy behavior and so on. He’s also very open about providing DIY information so that angler’s can enjoy Pyramid on their own during their next visit to Nevada’s alkaline lake. Nice job guys- thanks for a great day!

Triple on Pyramid

Snowing on Pyramid

Pyramid Lake Snow Storm

Mar. 28 2016

March Madness on Pyramid Lake, NV

The guys from Iowa landed near 30 fish this past Monday on Pyramid Lake. Some nice, colorful Pyramid Lake strains (aka Summit Lake strain), and a beautiful Pilot Peak were among the many fish landed. Nice job guys- toughing out the wind and cold! March is a GREAT time to fish Pyramid for the Lahontan Cutthroat- there are several reports of pod sightings right along the shoreline. Get out there!

Iowa guys
Iowa guys
Iowa guys, 30 fish landed
Iowa guys, 30 fish landed